SkillBuilder Workshops & Talks

Targeted Topics to Expand Skills, Capacities, and Thinking

Interactive Workshops

Half and full-day sessions


  • Bring Out the Best: Thinking, Communication, Decision-making and Work Styles
  • Career Planning Toolkit™
  • How To Be an Idea-Machine™: Build Capacity for Creativity and Innovation
  • Moving Others: Increase Your Organizational Effectiveness and Influence
  • Leadership Series: Motivation @ Work, GreatHire™, Effective Delegation
  • Change Savvy: How To Thrive Under Inevitable Change
  • We’re All in Sales: Strategic Sales Skills for “Non-Sales” Professionals
  • Communication Power Tools
  • Developing Trust in Organizations

Short Sessions & Speeches

Thought-provoking sessions for career growth


  • Navigating the New 7 Cs™: Developing Skills for a New Era
  • Career Relationships: A New Approach to Networking
  • 3 Ways Smart Technical Managers Limit Their Career Prospects and How to Forge Ahead
  • 3 Career Mistakes Talented Women Managers Make and How You Can Avoid Them
  • Showing Up As Your Best: Establish Presence & Handle Stage Fright
  • 3 Ways to Break Through the Clutter and Get Your Message Across
  • Rediscover Your Creative Genius
  • Productivity Magic
  • How to Thrive: Your Strengths Strategy
  • Personal Values: The Key to Sustainable Motivation

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