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About New Century Leadership LLC

New Century Leadership builds on the best of timeless leadership and business principles with tools and thinking especially needed for success in the 21st Century. Programs are customized to the needs of each client and may include training, coaching, assessments, team-building or consulting services. Specialties include Leadership Development, Team Development, Innovation and Creativity, Change Management, Presentation and Communication Skills, Sales Productivity, and Career Strategy.

About Jane Moyer

As a talent developer, Jane Moyer blends her experience in executive-level corporate management, sales and marketing, career coaching, and the performing arts to bring potential to life. Following a 25-year career at HBO, she  founded New Century Leadership in 2005. Moyer is the award-winning author of Leaders Lab: 66 Ways to Develop Your Leadership Skill, Strategy & Style. She is known for an approach that includes both substance and humor.


Featured Clients

Clients include large media, cable and telecommunication companies and organizations, along with smaller entrepreneurial companies and non-profit organizations

What Clients Are Saying

Coaching Clients

 “I have a lot more tools in my tool box now. I use a more multi-dimensional approach.”

“My communications are more polished and more to the point.”

“I understand different styles now and am able to work more smoothly and productively with my boss and my team.”

“It was like getting an MBA in ‘people skills’.”

“I am more aware of my influence on others and their influence on me.”

“I’m better at navigating the choppy political waters.”

I’m more productive. My team is more productive.”

“I move quicker to handle staff performance issues.”

“I am more confident as a manager and as a leader.”

“It was well worth the time and energy …”

Leadership Groups

“The program was expertly tailored to the needs of our board, its membership and the current professional environment.”

“The sessions were all thoughtfully organized and really kept my attention – that made each session a fun, exciting and RELEVANT experience.”

“I loved the group interaction.  It made the concepts easy to understand in a practical way.”

“I have learned what it takes to use my traits and skills to unlock my leadership potential. In addition, I have learned to be understanding of others’ differences in approaches to work assignments.”

“I learned that softer skills are key to long-term success and to never stop learning.”

“We appreciated the depth of the materials and especially the interactive exercises.”


“Professional delivery. Competent knowledge. Ease with the audience.”

“The interaction and practice made it really valuable. I will use this training.” 

“You have truly inspired me at a difficult time.”

“The course content was excellent. Instructor is very knowledgeable.” 

“This seminar is one of the best I have ever attended. You do a great job communicating the material.”

“Interactive and engaging. The information was nicely broken up between facts and fun.” 

“Very helpful information…both professionally and personally.  Very well presented.”

“Great examples, stories helped illustrate points, good activities.”

“Excellent speaker, very worthwhile.”

2018 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Winner

Accelerated, Individualized, Active Leadership Learning

Leaders Lab combines the best of timeless leadership thinking with breakthrough skills and strategies for the future.
“The tools Ms. Moyer includes are relevant for today’s changing economic landscape and are blended with attention to the issues my colleagues and I face every day. I also found the structure of the book to be perfect for my schedule – topics are broken out in such a way that I could spend 10-15 minutes reading and digesting a section each day on the train and then apply some of those concepts in my daily work (and life) interactions.”—Amazon reviewer
“Jane Moyer demonstrates a rare skill in communication… a revolutionary work, well-designed for forward-thinking leaders…” —Arya Fomonyuy, Readers’ Favorite
 “…a top recommendation above other books on leadership and management approaches: one no business professional should be without.”—D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
“…a ground-breaking work in the area of professional growth and leadership… a must-read for anyone who takes their leadership path seriously. Highly recommended.”—Christian Sia, Readers’ Favorite
“It will lead you to experiment with new ways of doing things — and doing new things altogether.”—Amazon reviewer
Leaders Lab is an excellent choice for Business Book Groups and Leadership Development Groups.

Leaders Lab Book

Leaders Lab Notes

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