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Thrive in a New World of Work

Create your best future as we move through this period of unprecedented challenge and change. In this series of 3 virtual workshops, we look at how the work world continues to change—what’s at risk and how to prepare for consequent opportunities—and learn timely breakthrough skills and strategies you can apply to both present and future challenges.



Navigating Times of Challenge and Change

In the midst of crisis or major change, it’s not unusual to feel stressed. In this session, we’ll work through a process to help you sort things out and strategically determine the best way to spend your time, thought, and energy as you navigate your way forward. Increase your sense of control and confidence, as we work together to:

  • Recognize your current mindset regarding your level of control.
  • Identify which aspects of a situation you face are Outside Your Control, which are Within Your Control, and those in which you might have some Level of Influence.
  • Learn strategies for each: Adapt, Take Charge, Exercise Influence.
  • Determine action steps to take for each.
  • Expand your thinking toolkit.

Bring your own specific situation involving challenge and change to work through during our session.



The Future of Careers

In this era of unprecedented change, it’s important to keep your career strategy and plan up to date! Through this session, you will:

  • Recognize significant forces of change that are revolutionizing industries and the world of work.
  • Understand how human work is changing due to technological advances in areas such as robotics and artificial intelligence.
  • Identify the types of jobs and activities likely to be at risk.
  • Examine the risks for your own job.
  • Prepare to spot career opportunities brought about by technological advances, even if you’re not a tech specialist.
  • Discover the must-have skills and qualities needed to thrive in the new world of work.
  • Know the elements of an active career management system to connect with future opportunities.
  • Identify steps to update your career strategy and plan.


It’s Time To Get Creative!: Strategic Solution-Finding

Many of today’s problems call for fresh, innovative solutions. Creativity is an all-important skill for humans in the new world of work. In this session, you’ll learn to:

  • Tap into your innate creativity (even if you think, “Oh, I’m not creative…”).
  • Avoid traps that thwart creative flow.
  • Ask powerful questions that open the way to effective solutions.
  • Use simple creativity tools that can be applied in both personal and professional realms to easily generate ideas galore.
  • Set yourself up for maximum creativity.

Bring a problem or two with you that could use a fresh approach!

“Once again Jane Moyer doesn’t disappoint with her “Thriving in a New World of Work” Webinar series.  She focused on such relevant material it really hit home; from having us step out of the situation to learn how to lead ourself first, then talking about the future of careers with technology and then ties it all together with great strategic solution processes.    Leaving all 3 webinars I was excited and ready to apply what I learned!”

Rebecca Lafleur

Mentorship Program Co-Chair, Women in Cable & Telecommunication

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