Tools for Teams

Revitalize Your Team


Activate Your Team’s Full Capacity

Set up your new team to thrive or revitalize your existing team by improving focus, teamwork and productivity. This 1-2 day interactive workshop is tailored to your specific team needs, including topics such as:


  • Bringing Out Your Individual and Collective Best
  • Focusing Energy: Vision, Goals, Metrics and Team Priorities
  • Streamlining Team Processes: Communication, Meetings and Decision-making
  • Teams and Trust
  • Strategies for Handling Conflict and Navigating Change
  • Facilitated Discussion of Issues Specific to Your Team

Think Differently

Thrive in Changing Times

Reinvigorate your team, upgrade timely skills and add to your toolkit.  This day-long interactive workshop will stretch your thinking four ways:

Think Adaptably. Think Strategically. Think Creatively. Think Productively.

JumpStart Your Idea Team™

Give your project team or leadership group a head start toward innovation. In a two-day interactive workshop, they’ll boost their creativity with tools for generating ideas, build a “creative hit list,” learn innovation strategies, and how to get support for new ideas. Activate strategies with follow-up half-day application, advanced technique or individual coaching sessions.


See how the pieces fit together:

  • Thinking and Work Styles: Myers Briggs Type Indicator®
  • Relationship Styles: FIRO-B®
  • Change Styles: Change Style Indicator®
  • Conflict Styles: Thomas Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument®

Time to Revitalize Your Team?