Rising Stars Leadership Program

Prepare Top Talent for Bigger Roles

Who It’s For

  • High-potential early- and mid-career managers
  • Smart specialists and professionals who want to increase their impact
  • Active learners who want to develop their full capacity and career networks

Program Benefits

Through this program, participants:

  • Increase Self-Awareness and Confidence
  • Boost Organizational Effectiveness
  • Build Leadership Skills
  • Expand Perspective & Exposure
  • Develop Their Career Network, Resources, and Plan

Tailored Talent Development

The Rising Stars Program may be customized to fit the learning and scheduling needs of the sponsoring organization and its participants.


A typical program consists of 5-6 sessions scheduled over an 8-12 month period. This continuity gives participants an opportunity to develop transformative new thinking and skills, put their learning into practice, and develop significant career relationships.


Tools used to accelerate learning include:

  • Assessments, including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®
  • Interactive workshop sessions
  • Facilitated discussion to access “the wisdom of the group”
  • Exercises to put learning into practice
  • Peer Partnerships for accountability and growth
  • Guest speakers
  • Interviews with Executives and Role Models
  • Resources and materials for ongoing study


Sample content:

  • Identifying and Leveraging Your Strengths
  • Values: The Key to Sustainable Motivation
  • How to Accelerate Learning
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Thinking, Communication, Decision-Making and Work Styles
  • Developing Your Authentic Leadership Style
  • “Flexing” Your Style to Get the Best From Others
  • Reading Your Organization: Values and Culture
  • Increasing Your Organizational Effectiveness
  • Expanding Your Influence
  • Your Career in the Context of Your Life
  • Increasing Your Personal Productivity
  • Developing Your Personal Brand: Your Special Combination
  • Career Strategy and Paths
  • Career Relationships and Networking
  • Putting It Together: Career Plan and Progress

Meet Jane Moyer

Jane Moyer, Program Facilitator

As a talent developer, Jane Moyer blends her experience in executive-level corporate management, sales and marketing, career coaching, and the performing arts to bring potential to life. Following a 25-year career at HBO, she  founded New Century Leadership in 2005. She is author of Leaders Lab: 66 Ways to Develop Your Leadership Skill, Strategy & Style, and is known for an approach that includes both substance and humor.

MBTI Certified Logo (PMS)_hires              Advanced Coach U Graduate

Jane is a pleasure to work with. She did a phenomenal job helping us take our professional mentoring program to the next level. The program was expertly tailored to the needs of our board, its membership, and to the current professional environment. 

Robyn Petit

Mentorship Co-Chair, 2012-2014, Women in Cable & Telecommunication, Chicago

What Participants Are Saying

About the Program

“The Rising Stars Program polished my skills and provided me support and courage to move forward.”

“I have learned lots – about myself, about my organization, and about how to position myself, network, and advance my career! It’s been a GREAT year for me and I’m happy to give much of the credit to you and your program!!”

“The sessions were all thoughtfully organized and really kept my attention – that made each session a fun, exciting and RELEVANT experience.”

“The program gave me new insight. I have been able to network with others, learn new ways to work and to effectively lead.”

“I have gained an invaluable network of people that are committed to growing personally and professionally.”

“I absolutely loved the program – it helped me come out of my shell.”


About Their Learning

“I learned how to anticipate my bosses’ reactions and questions.”

“I learned to pay attention to the signals I am sending out and to hone my ‘soft skills’.”  

“I’ve learned how to be vocal in a positive way that will help to leverage my career.” 

“I’ve learned to have open, respectful conversations with my leadership. I’ve also learned how to network at events. This program has been very helpful.”

“I learned how to get useful feedback and the importance of self-evaluation.”

“I have learned what it takes to use my traits and skills to unlock my leadership potential. In addition, I have learned to be understanding of others’ differences in approaches to work assignments.”

About Jane Moyer

“Jane was awesome and has a great grasp of what it takes to improve oneself in order to succeed.”

“Jane provided great guidance and depth in the program.”

“Jane did a great job at facilitating the program. She was very energetic and kept me interested.”

“Jane was so thorough and personable; this program is a gem. The handouts she provided are very valuable.”

“Jane kept us engaged.”

About the Impact

“I have an increased awareness of my strengths and how to use them to inspire and influence others.”

“This program has helped with my communication skills and allowed me to work with different groups across my teams and bridge the gaps while working with business partners.”

“Within our team, there has been improved communication and increased morale.”

“The program has made me look at situations a bit differently. I find that I view opportunities and situations with more of a long-term objective.”

“Better working relationships … Better messaging…Confidence in my ability to lead, willingness to try new things and take risks.”

“I’ve just accepted a Manager position and am so excited that I will be running with my strengths … I believe the exercises in your program allowed me to really digest exactly who I am, what I offer, and know where I will thrive, so thank you for all you do!”

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