Breakthrough Leadership for Women

Power Up, Polish & Progress

Build Career Confidence, Savvy, and Skill

with a comprehensive development program designed to specifically address challenges faced by women leaders.  Sample content:


  • Find Your Leadership Voice: Substance, Strengths & Style
  • Make Gender Differences Work For You
  • Communicate with Impact
  • Power Up With Strategy & Solutions
  • Build a High-Performing Team
  • Cultivate Career Relationships
  • Increase Your Organizational Effectiveness & Influence
  • Shine With Stand-Out Skills: Collaboration, Creativity & Change
  • Design Your Career Strategy & Plan

What Women’s Group Members and Coaching Clients are Saying

Here is a sample of program evaluation comments from women leaders who have participated in New Century Leadership groups and coaching programs:


I’m more willing to step out and communicate. 

I focus on the big picture more. 

I’m backing up my conclusions with facts and details.

I am taking things less personally. I’m being less emotional and thinking more before acting.

I have more confidence in my team’s ability to complete tasks on their own … I do more supporting and less directing. 

The most important thing I learned was to remain calm under fire. 

I’m speaking with more impact.

I’m getting better results by working with team members’ different learning and communication styles.

I can manage up without feeling icky. 

Simply put … I’m more confident.

Move Forward to Develop Career Confidence, Savvy, and Skill