Next Level Coaching Program

Individualized, Accelerated, Active Leadership Learning

Who Benefits:

Individual Coaching Clients. Their Managers. Their Teams

Click below to discover how an individual coaching program can help a variety of leaders

Accelerate learning to prepare for new and bigger roles.
Executives and Owners
Learn efficiently and conveniently with individualized confidential coaching
Leaders in Transition
Jump-start launches, boost confidence and results with support for those undertaking big projects, new roles, and major changes.
Their Managers
Managers benefit from their staff member’s coaching programs by:

  • Retaining talent
  • Building their talent pipeline
  • Improving performance
  • Filling gaps efficiently
  • Gaining new ideas and energy
Smart Specialists
Expand leadership capacity by developing all-important “soft skills”
Talented Women
Develop presence, savvy, confidence and breakthrough career skills
"Stuck" Performers
Reinvigorate historically good performers and fill in the missing gaps.
Their Teams
Team members often experience residual benefits as the individual coached develops increased self-awareness, organizational effectiveness and leadership skill.

Individualized, Accelerated, Active Leadership Learning

What You'll Learn

Each program is tailored to the individual’s needs and interests. In addition to addressing timely challenges, topics drawn from in developing each individual’s program include:

  • Foundation for Authentic Leadership
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Productivity
  • Communication & Presentation Skills
  • Thinking & Decision-making
  • Navigating & Leading Change
  • Hiring & Performance Management
  • Team Development
  • Influence
  • Career Strategy & Planning


Why It Works

  • Convenient Scheduling: Coaching is ideal for active leaders, because flexible scheduling accommodates your busy schedule.
  • Customized Content: Your time is used well, because we focus on your individual needs.
  • Confidential Conversations: Many clients, especially higher-level ones, find it particularly helpful to have an objective third party as a sounding-board.
  • Continuity: Learning is a process. This consistency and continuity of regular focused attention encourages application, reinforces learning, and accelerates progress.

How It Works

The coaching process begins with a planning session to determine client needs and goals, along with leadership or personal development assessments if desired.  We work together to design a coaching plan with your specific needs in mind.

Typical plans involve regularly scheduled coaching sessions, such as two 60-minute or three 40-minute sessions per month—sometimes in person, often by phone or Skype, along with access to additional resources between sessions.  Ongoing evaluation of needs and progress is built into each coaching plan.  New goals and issues that emerge can naturally be accommodated.


While exact results vary from individual to individual, my coaching clients often report significant career progress, with improvements in:

  • Self-awareness
  • Focus
  • Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Skill in Thinking, Communication, Management and Leadership
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Productivity
  • Individual and Team Performance

See “What Coaching Clients Say” below to read their comments.

Tailored Talent Development

Jane Moyer

Jane Moyer

Leadership & Career Coach

As a talent developer, Jane Moyer blends her experience in executive-level corporate management, sales and marketing, career coaching, and the performing arts to bring potential to life. Following a 25-year career at HBO, she  founded New Century Leadership LLC in 2005. She is author of Leaders Lab: 66 Ways to Develop Your Leadership Skill, Strategy & Style, and is known for an approach that includes both substance and humor.

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What Coaching Clients Are Saying


“I’m more willing to step out and communicate.”

“I’m getting my ideas out. I can better adapt my style to be effective.”

“The most important thing I learned was to remain calm under fire.”

“I do a lot more listening than I used to and it has helped me save time by getting to the root of the issues quicker and making better decisions due to having more information.”

“I’m being asked to participate on several cross-functional teams.”

“I am more approachable and better at building relationships.” 

The environment is a lot less stressful. 


“I’m more productive. My team is more productive.” 

“I created and am testing a new program for my department that is improving productivity.”

“I understand what the expectations are and prepare better for dealing with things.”

“I learned to prioritize issues and focus on the most important ones.”

Strategy & Solutions

“I focus on the big picture more.” 

“I am more flexible. I see more options now.” 

“I have a lot more tools in my tool box. I use a more multi-dimensional approach.”

“I’m more confident when making decisions—I know I am asking the right questions.” 

“I’ve learned to get past either/or solutions to find better ones.”

Team Development

“I have learned a lot, from goal setting, to leading change, to becoming a better listener, but I think the most impactful for me was delegation. It has allowed me more opportunity to take on additional activities and given me more time to focus on what’s a priority. It has also given my team more opportunities to develop themselves and take on more ownership of the team success and failures. I really appreciate the time and effort you are putting into my development.”

“I move quicker to handle staff performance issues.”

“I’m getting better results by working with team members’ different learning and communication styles.”

Organizational Effectiveness

“I understand different styles now and am able to work more smoothly and productively with my boss and my team.”

“I’m better at navigating the choppy political waters.”

“I can manage up without feeling icky.”

“I am taking things less personally. I’m being less emotional and thinking more before acting.” 

“I am more aware of my influence on others and their influence on me.”

“I learned to communicate effectively with my bosses.” 

“I realized I need to network more within the company.”


“This was helpful in making the recent changes in our two locations. We had a very challenging change to implement and we have had good success up to this point. We are seeing improved levels of quality and teamwork between all the teams.” 

“I learned to focus on what I can control and influence.”



“My communications are more polished and more to the point.” 

“My boss is valuing what I’m saying now.” 

“I’m able to have difficult conversations with my boss and staff members.”

“I’ve learned how to get things I want without ranting and raving.” 

“I learned to pay attention to non-verbal communication.”

“I’m speaking with more impact.”

“I’m backing up my conclusions with facts and details.”

Motivation & Progress

“I’m taking more initiative.”

“I’m more engaged.”

“I’ve taken on more responsibilities.”

“I’m more consistent.” 

“I am more confident as a manager and as a leader.”

“I got the type of job I really wanted.”

“I’ve worked at changing the perceptions others have of me.”

“I got promoted!”

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