Thinking expert Edward deBono points out the need learn and employ different types of thinking. Our traditional education systems have focused mainly on development of important critical thinking skills—analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating, and applying information—while many of the problems and opportunities we face will also demand creative thinking and constructive thinking to envision possibilities, generate ideas, and build solutions.


  • When should you shift from critical thinking to other modes of thinking?
  • What can you learn from the past to create a better future?
  • What would your ideal future look like?
  • How will you design it?

Leader Profile:  Who is Edward deBono? 

Maltese-born deBono has combined his background in psychology, physiology and medicine to develop methods, tools, and courses to help people improve thinking abilities and creative skills. He is a prolific author, noted particularly for  his work on creativity in Lateral Thinking and effective group process and decision making in Six Thinking Hats.

¢ New Century Leadership 2017.