What a time this is! We’re all being called upon to adapt to quickly-changing circumstances, adjust our habits, and face a lot of unknowns. 

In addition, you’re probably being called upon to lead, support, and assist others in new ways. More on that later.

First, “put on your own oxygen mask.” 

Know Your Values

Your personal values reflect what’s most important to you. While change is swirling about you, these underlying ideals generally remain constant. Recognizing your values can help you stay grounded during times of tumult. They provide sustainable motivation and guide your journey and decisions as you face challenging days.

Ponder your personal values:

  • What matters most to you and yours?
  • What do you want “on the other side” of this?

Take Care of Yourself, Too

As you are called upon to be there for others, don’t neglect your own mental, physical, and emotional health. You may have to get creative because of changes in everyday life and different types of demands on your time.  During this period, you may need to rethink and at least temporarily adjust habits. Make sure to address basic critical personal needs such as sleep, good nutrition, exercise, fresh air, and social contact. Ask yourself: 

  • How can I build proper Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, and “Fresh Air” into my new routines?
  • Whom can I connect with for perspective and support? 
  • How can we help each other keep our spirits up?

Adopt a Growth Mindset

While going through difficult times, it’s natural for us to be thinking, “Oh, when will this be over???” No one knows, exactly, of course. Meantime, I challenge you to also use this time for learning and opportunity. Ask we pass through this, ask:

  • What can I learn from this? 
  • What implications does it have for the future? 
  • What opportunities might be found in this?

I hope these ideas help you both today and as you create your best future.

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