Sometimes we put off “learning” because we think it requires too much time or we can’t afford the tuition right now.  
If you’re already thinking of yourself as a Learner, though, your learning can require little or even no extra time at all. 
You don’t have to be in a formal classroom to learn. When you’re looking for them, teachers may be within view all day long. 
Watch. Ponder. Ask.
As you are going about your day, notice what the experts do. Watch for good examples of what you want to learn. Note the bad examples, too. Ponder what makes things work or not work. Ask yourself what you can learn from that.
For instance, if you want to learn to be a better presenter, while you’re in that meeting or watching the news, shift into Learner mode. Observe, ponder, and ask yourself:
  • What do the best presenters do? How do they get and keep their audience’s attention? How do they convey ideas to influence and inspire action?
  • What do they do well that you could imitate?
  • What do the less effective presenters do that turns off the audience?
  • What do you want to avoid doing when you present?
Ask yourself. Ask others. Ask experts.
In addition to gauging your own reactions, watch for opportunities to ask others for theirs.
If the opportunity presents itself, you might even ask the expert for advice. A well-formed, well-timed question may ellicit useful tips and ideas.
Happy learning, 
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